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Celebrating Midwestern Ingredients Through Exploratory Cuisine.

Bloomington, Indiana


At oona, food is a love affair. We see food as the underlying connective force behind all things. Food connects us to our past, to our place, to our culture, and to one another. Beyond creating delicious food, we want to honor the ingredients grown nearby, in rhythm with the seasons. It starts by knowing where your food comes from, and whose hands worked hard to care for it. When you taste spring’s first strawberry and fall’s perfectly crisp apple you become part of the story. We want to bring you closer to Indiana than you’ve ever been, whether by the goat milk that has  been turned into cheese in Greenville or the ramps that were dug in Brown County.



581 e. Hillside Drive
Suite 104
Bloomington, IN 47401


All-Day Menu
tue-Sat: 11am-10pm

Sun: 9am-3pm


(812) -822-0222